J Jeffery Paper, Small Birds Pattern No. 5


We are pleased to be able to offer these hand decorated papers by J Jeffery, 20th Century reproductions of little-known 18th  Century historical papers, sometimes known as ‘Dutch Flowered’ orDutch gilt’. The alleged ‘Dutch gilt’ papers (a misnomer, as these were in fact primarily made in Germany and Italy, but possibly imported through Holland, acquiring their name) were made roughly from 1700 to 1820, combining stencilling, woodcut or engraving, and gold or silver gilding, imitating the effects of damask and brocades in fabric. Not unlike dominoté papers, gilt papers were used as temporary covers for books or as end papers, and are the precursors to wallpaper. 

It is difficult to give a sense of the amount of work that goes into each of these amazing papers. Indeed, each paper pattern has been created from tiny, original samples, as small as a sweet wrapper, or copied (and adapted) from poorly reproduced black and white photographs, found in books on the subject of historical papers. Each pattern is a new, original artwork drawn and handcut meticulously over the course of months at a time, and then printed on genuine so-called ‘printers waste’, dated back to the 18th Century. 

Some of the most impressive craftsmanship we have come across, these papers are very rare and certainly very special. 

These papers can be used for crafts and bookbinding (as they would have been used traditionally) but equally they can be framed for pure enjoyment of their beauty and decorative appeal.

Paper: Antique 18th century paper
Print type: Woodblock
Dimensions: 40 x 55cm approx.

Here pictured two examples of historical papers courtesy of Rhode Island School of Design Museum (German, circa 1780 and Italian circa 1770 respectively).