Japanese Nostalgia Gift Set


Choosing Keeping, thanks to much feedback and experience with varying creative regular customers, has put its knowledge and stationery expertise in putting together sets which come with recommendations and trial for their intended use - for the brainless perfect present, ready to go - each set comes gift wrapped. 

We are often called nostalgic - we're fine with that. Indeed in resistance to a lot of landfill cheaply produced and quickly consumed stuff, we would like to highlight the oldies - things produced in their original place of manufacture by passionate people and small scale companies. By buying these items you are contributing to real people's livelihoods, the survival of small business, and also to the continuation of products which can be considered as culturally relevant and significant. We would indeed be sad to see these relegated to the museum, as vestiges from the past. Instead we like them in the now, alive in our pencil cases, backpacks and daily lives. 

All the items included in this set are classic Japanese design - paper first made in the 30s for poets and novelists, ballpoints designed in the postwar era, in the 60s, 70s and still unchanged! Also included some weird pens you won't find outside Japan and that have become our customer's favourites. 

This set includes:
- a 1970s 0.7mm fin ballpoint pen (imprinted with our location, Columbia Road), black ink
- a 1960s fine click ballpoint pen, black ink
- a postwar side click ballpoint, black ink
- a french made, Japanese designed, R50, fine felt tip pen
- a ruled Monokaki Novelist's notebook
- a Japanese editor's pencil in red and blue

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped, unless otherwise advised.