Japanese Seasons Watercolour Set


One of the possible byproducts of the situation we find ourselves in, is a renewed heightened awareness of nature. The song of birds, the silence of the sky, the passing of the seasons, have filled the emptiness of time with a welcome rekindling of earth's motherhood and all the meaning that entails, thanks Nature! With that in mind we have devised 4 palettes depicting each season, having picked out (in a way by no means prescriptive or exhaustive) some colours of leaves, trees,  flowers, and feelings propriertary to winter, spring, summer and winter.

Also consider Swiss painter Johannes Itten's (1888 – 1967) seasonal colour theory - four colour palettes for four types of people each under the sun of a different season - a sort of painter's Yin and Yang if you will. 

Of course there is no strict prescription for the use of this set, only a desire to give inspiration - the colours can be used in a literal way for landscape and botanicals, or more abstractly and expressively. They can also be mixed resulting in an even wider range of colours. 

Each season comes in a matching box covered in luxury silk screen printed Japanese paper. Each box is made from a different segment of the print and so the pattern may vary. 

We recommend our Aquarella (white) and Aquarello (off-white) for the perfect paper pairing.

Please select your preference from the dropdown menu above. 

Set 1 - Winter (Blue Box)
Set 2 - Spring (Pink box)
Set 3 - Summer (Gold box)
Set 4 - Autumn (Green Box)
Set of all 4 (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn sets)

Material: Gansai watercolour
Included: 20 colours in chiyogami paper presentation box

There is no overlap in terms of colours between the 4 season sets, each set includes 20 distinct colours.

Made in Japan