"Gutberlet Crossing Kaweco" Book


Choosing Keeping holds the largest range of Kaweco pens in the UK - indeed we have built a long-lasting friendship with the beloved Gutberlet family who run the company with so much brains and gusto. Kaweco is often mistaken for a Japanese brand - not so! - it is 100% German. Originally established in 1899 in Heidelberg (also home of Lamy), the company was eventually renamed Kaweco as its owners namesake, Henrich Koch and Rudolph Weber - KOch, WEber and COmpany. Here pictured, an advertisement from 1911 which declares, ‘stocked in every best stationery store’ - still the case!

This book, by Kaweco family owner Michael Gutberlet, spans the history of the company, from 1883 (before the Heidelberg Pen Company took over in 1899) to the present day. Originally published in a limited edition of 1883 volumes, to honour the founding year, it provides a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at the company and its products, from conception to realisation. A must-read for any fountain pen enthusiast. 

Gutberlet crossing Kaweco by Michael Gutberlet, 2017

Size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)
Cover: Linen covered hardback
Text: English and German