Kaweco Special Fountain Pen


Kaweco has been producing the Special range since the 1940s. Originally in a lucite or bakelite, it is now drilled black matte aluminium for what we beleive is a perfectly weighted and balanced pen. 

A nice detail is in the posting of its cap (here pictured) which can be threaded flush to the back of the pen for a long and slim silhouette, adding extra length and weight as needed. 

Nothing but understatement and discretion for what is a very sexy pen.

Material: Anodized black aluminium matte finish
Nib type: stainless steel chrome plated nib manufactured by Boch of Heidelberg, standard Medium width size
Cartridge type: takes standard small international cartridges

Part of a matching suite of mechanical pen in long and short (0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 2mm) and ballpoint pen in long and short - all also highly recommended.