The Homeschooling Collection, The Art Set, ages 7+


Choosing Keeping is by no means trained in education, but we do have a PhD in stationery, and thus have on offer a homeschooling set, trying to bring some fun and excitement to what can be a difficult feat, especially in confinement. Whilst there are a multitude of offers for school supplies out there - often cheap and disposable, understandably for children - we feel that children, like adults, are encouraged to perform when they are well-equipped. First-rate art supplies make a world of difference - forget drab, lacklustre shades, and enjoy colours fit for homemade abstract art! All of the included items are made in Germany and Japan and are made to last. This is also an exercise in learning how to take care of one's personal possessions and conserve them to use for many years. 

This set has been put together for children from the age of 7. This age bracket is by no means prescriptive and only arises from personal experience as a parent. While this could be considered a universal art set, not specifically for any age group, it contains the basics elements for a solid drawing set, each individually excellent quality items which can and should be treasured for years to come. Indeed, the 24 pencil coloured pencil set by Faber-Castell was created as a special anniversary edition; not only is the box beautifully retro but highlights the company's long standing dominance in the pencil making biz. Included also is a calligraphic Japanese brush pen, easy to use, with a soft flexible point suitable for writing and drawing, creating fine and broad lines with pressure. The notebook contains a Japanese hammered paper capable of supporting a number of mediums, including ink and paints. The paper has been sold in Japan for 50 years and is a bestseller among students and professionals (Manga artists in particular) alike. We have also stashed away some now-hard-to-find glow in the dark Palomino pencils for maximum novelty appeal. These pencils are known for their buttery texture leading to their cult like status since the 1940s til the present day. Each set includes one pencil and an aluminium cap to protect the tip, both neatly tucked into the loop provided by the notebook to that effect.  Finally a brass double pencil sharpener with a German engineered blade, which can be used for standard and chunky pencils. 

This set includes:
- a special edition set of Polychromos coloured pencils
- a brass double pencil sharpener
- a Pentel brush sign felt tip pen
- a glow in the dark special edition version of Palomino Blackwing pencil
- an aluminium pencil cap
- a linen bound drawing and mixed media sketchbook

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links. 

Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.