The Homeschooling Collection, The Learner's Set, ages 6-8


Choosing Keeping is by no means trained in education, but we do have a PhD in stationery, and thus have on offer a homeschooling set, trying to bring some fun and excitement to what can be a difficult feat, especially in confinement. Whilst there are a multitude of offers for school supplies out there - often cheap and disposable, understandably for children - we feel that children, like adults, are encouraged to perform when they are well-equipped. First-rate art supplies make a world of difference - forget drab, lacklustre shades, and enjoy colours fit for homemade abstract art! All of the included items are made in Germany, Japan, and Italy, and are made to last. This is also an exercise in learning how to take care of one's personal possessions and conserve them to use for many years.

This set has been put together for children age 6 to 8. This bracket is by no means prescriptive and only arises from personal experience as a parent. Inside you will find a pad of quality drawing paper, thick enough for paints; a set of 12 retro-style Japanese cake paints with large individual paint pans to facilitate independent use. A pair of Japanese scissors with teflon-coated blades, perfect for cutting tape and messy things as they can be wiped clean. Coccoina glue, an Italian 1930s classic will entice any child into a craft project thanks to its sweet (but non-toxic) almond scent. An excellent eraser and sharpener, two solid staples no well equipped pencil case can do without. This sharpener is ideal for children as it has a soft, breakage-free receptacle to collect shavings, combined with a very sharp German-made engineered blade for effective sharpening. Finally, no confinement is complete without a rainbow - to that end enjoy 5 bright, fine felt-tipped pens, Japanese quality since 1961 and a Choosing Keeping bestseller - and our own rainbow pencil most suited for the occasion. 

Please note none of the above are toys and must be used with the supervision of an adult at all times. 

This set includes:
- a Guitar cake colour watercolour palette
- a pad of acid free Italian cotton paper
- a pair of Japanese teflon coated scissors
- a metallic turquoise collapsible pencil sharpener
- a Coccoina almond glue paste
- a small anniversary edition Radar eraser
- a Choosing Keeping rainbow pencil
- a collection of 5 Magic Pen fine point felt tips

Each element an be purchased separately as well by clicking the link.

Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.