The Homeschooling Collection, The Homework Set, ages 8+


Choosing Keeping is by no means trained in education, but we do have a PhD in stationery, and thus have on offer a homeschooling set, trying to bring some fun and excitement to what can be a difficult feat, especially in confinement. Whilst there are a multitude of offers for school supplies out there - often cheap and disposable, understandably for children - we feel that children, like adults, are encouraged to perform when they are well-equipped. First-rate school supplies make a world of difference - the contents of your pencil case can make homework far more appealing! All of the included items are made in Germany, Japan, France, and Switzerland and are made to last. This is also an exercise in learning how to take care of one's personal possessions and conserve them to use for many years. 

This set has been put together for children from 8+. This bracket is by no means prescriptive and only arises from personal experience as a parent. First and foremost a paper support: lined slippery and smooth fountain pen friendly paper (used by French students through the ages, and if nothing else French schoolchildren know their way through the back-to-school supplies in Carrefour). We then suggest to get familiar with a fountain pen - we know turquoise is the #1 colour among teens, colour of the sea, and sky, enjoy this German Lamy Safari (this year's special edition) which has become something of a phenomenon amongst students (now and since 1980 when the pen was first commercialised). The pen has a moulded front section which allows for easy finger placement for learners (left handed nib available on request); turquoise ink to match. The set includes a couple of matching 2B graphite pencils, specially designed with triangular barrel for better grip. A double ended pencil for easy highlighting and note-taking. A sharpener ideal for children as it has a soft, breakage-free receptacle to collect shavings, combined with a very sharp German-made engineered blade for effective sharpening. Finally, stationery isn't really stationery without some gadgetry and we believe this eraser pencil is the very thing. We hope your child will enjoy it as much as we did when we were their age - just whatever you do, don't pull the string to the very bottom!

This set includes:
- an A5 1990 Special Edition "Madras" Clairefontaine Notebook, lined
- a Mitsubishi "Super Eraser" eraser pencil
- a Caran D'ache Graphicolour pencil
- a green 2B Mitsubishi triangular pencil 
- a blue 2B Mitsubishi triangular pencil
- a 2020 special edition aquamarine Lamy Safari fountain pen
- a pack of 5 Lamy ink cartridges
- a metallic turquoise collapsible pencil sharpener

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.
Please note all of the above are not toys and must be used with the supervision of an adult at all times.