Marbled Choosing Keeping Notebook


Marbling, which first appeared in Asia around the twelfth century and travelled to Europe through Persia and Turkey, only became prolific in Britain in the mid nineteenth century. These papers were used widely in the book trade but also in the domestic realm as wrapping paper, wallpaper, coverings for boxes, furniture, musical instrument boxes and not least stationery object such as notebooks. 

Unfortunately, like many precious and wonderful things, the industrial revolution put an end to a dynamic hand book binding industry and by extension the production of hand decorated papers. 

Today marbling is the reserved territory of a few artisans. Around the world they are called upon by libraries and antiquarian book specialists to restore and preserve some of our most precious manuscripts from the past.

The patterns chosen and presented here are each completely unique modern interpretations of a popular Victorian patterns made by leading European paper marblers selected by Choosing Keeping for the particular originality and quality of their work. 

Fountain pen friendly, 80 sheets or 160 pages, entirely hand made

The notebook edges have been blackened and buffed with beeswax. 
Extra smooth white ruled paper suitable for use with ink and fountain pens.

Standard: 80 sheets, 160 pages
Extra Thick (available in A5 and B5): 120 sheets, 240 pages
Fabric bookmark

Size guide:
Pocket, small - 148 x 104 mm --  £24
Medium - 172 x 124 mm -- £26

Large - A5, 208 x 150 mm -- £28
Large - Extra Thick - A5,  208 x 150 mm -- £32
Extra Large, Extra Thick - B5, 252 x 182 mm -- £36

As no two notebooks are alike when ordered a random pattern shall be selected. If you wish for us to send you some options to choose from, kindly send us an email with your order.