Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil Art Set - 22 Grades


As used by many animators, manga and professional artists, notably Hayao Miyazaki (founder of Studio Ghibli and creator of amazing animated films such as My Neighbour Totoro or Princess Mononoke for example), the Hi-uni, produced since 1966, is Mitsubishi's highest quality artist pencil, known for its brush like, smooth buttery soft and dark markings.

Made entirely in Japan: graphite from Kagoshima prefecture, the most southern part of Japan, mixed to clay from Tochigi prefecture (region neighbouring Tokyo), encased in the best wood from Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan) - this is Japanese pencil making in all its glory. 

This set containing the full range of 22 grades, from a hard and light 10H to a dark and buttery 10B (only available at Mitsubishi) is a great gift for any artist, animator or designer keen to go analogue and work the old fashioned way.