NT Saw 30P Manual Lock Serrated Blade Cutter


NT, which along with Olfa, developed snap blade technology in the late 50's in Japan is responsible for this beautiful, long-lasting and reliable knife. Tried, tested and loved by many of our customers we can recommend it without reservation. 

This model is manual lock which means the blade is extended and retracted and secured by use of a steel bolt which is loosened and tightened.

This model is not snap-off - once dull, the entire blade must be changed. This is because this model is serrated. It is of particular use for making architectural models and precise cutting of thicker cardboards. 

Metal brushed steel body
Suitable for left and right handed people
Blade width size: 9mm
Blade length: 8cm

Comes with one 58° black carbon serrated blade.
Replacement blades available at Choosing Keeping

This cutter is extremely sharp and should be handled with care by adults only.

Currently out of stock, please send us an email to be notified when the item is once again available.