Pocket Victoriana Feather Christmas Tree


For the modern person, with limited courage or space for a full fledged live Christmas tree, we are pleased to offer this pocket sized Christmas companion, just the perfect size to enhance a Christmas table, as a self contained Christmas unit, for the mantel piece, or student dorm room....

Made in Germany, this type of "feather tree" was originally produced since 1845, and becoming popular in the USA in the early 20th C as a response to environmental concerns relating to deforestation because of Christmas Tree harvests. The Goose feather tree became the first artificial Victorian Christmas tree ; stick and metal wire were adorned with swan, goose, ostrich and turkey feathers, painted green to resemble the native German white pines. Germans imported this tradition as they immigrated to the USA to great success with such trees appearing in the Sears 1913 catalogue. 

A far cry from today synthetic artificial tree, which in our humble opinion sometimes tips the scales from kitsch to diabolical ; this tree is handmade, hand painted, hand decorated, a very superior and beautiful substitute to the flammable counterpart an ecological proxy to the real thing. 

The tree can be purchased either on its own - without decorations - but including a few round miniature baubles berries and clip-on candles (for decoration and historical accuracy purposes only, should not be lit). You can also select to purchase it with 9 miniature handmade decorations (as in the second picture)

Please note, when purchasing with 9 decorations, these may not be exactly as per the picture, depending on availibity. 


Dimensions: 30cm high
Included: storage box (gently fold away branches when storing away)