Sailor Blue Dwarf Fountain Pen


Three companies dominate Japanese fountain pen making, all established in the 1910's and 1920’s, and all motivated by their common desire to develop a superior Japanese counterpart to their Western competitors such as Waterman and Parker. Ironically, the latter companies have lost their once top dog positions in the 'fountain pen world', while Sailor, Pilot and Platinum today represent the Holy Trinity of excellence in writing utensils. The main and defining reason for this accolade is the fact that all three companies supervise their production from beginning to end within their very own factories. No subcontracting ensures total quality control, and private ownership protects their original vision and enthusiasm for pen making. 

Presented here, Sailor's Blue Dwarf is the newest addition to Sailor's Professional Gear Slim limited edition "cosmos" series. Following on from the Purple Cosmos and Red Supernova, this model is named after the predicted class of star that follows on from a red dwarf after it has consumed the majority of its hydrogen fuel supply. The time for a blue dwarf star to develop is longer than the existence of our very universe and so no blue dwarfs actually exist at this time. 

Nib wise, you can count on Sailor's very smooth nib style, nicely rounded and straightforward in flavour. This 14k gold nib is offered in 4 sizes, fine, medium, broad and music nib -  all run accurately to the sizes advertised - we particularly recommend the music nib style, a type of nib with a flat edge for calligraphic or italic effect difficult to find in this price point as a gold nib.

A great value pen with a fun and bright appearance !
The Blue Dwarf edition is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

Body material: PMMA resin  
Nib type: Fine, Medium, Broad & Music
Nib material: 14k gold with rhodium trim
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Refill type: Takes Sailor cartridges and converter cartridges 
Dimensions: Closed 12.4cm, posted 14.2cm, diameter 1.2cm
Included: Presentation box, One converter cartridge

All Sailor pens come gift wrapped in a proprietary wrapping paper.