Sailor Nuts Manyo Fountain Pen and Ink Set


The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Manyo is a series of special edition Fountain Pen sets with limited availability. Each colourway is inspired by sets of complementing Manyo ink colours evocative of Japanese nature elements. 

Shirakashi, the sage green colour of the pen's body, is inspired by the leaves of the Evergreen Oak while the Yamabuki amber details come from the scales of the Ogon Koi fish. The pen cap’s finial is adorned with an acorn symbolising the tree that informs the design. 

On the writing front this pen features a 14k medium fine gold nib. Whereas nearly all pen makers worldwide subcontract their nibs to specialist factories, the Japanese - namely Pilot, Sailor and Platinum - produce theirs in house, making truly amazing nibs of great smoothness and weightless feel. Gold nibs are superior to steel ones; gold, being a softer and more malleable metal, will shape beautifully to one's personal hand(writing) to feel as though it was manufactured especially. It can be kept for life and possibly be amongst one's most treasured possessions. 

Please bear in mind Japanese nibs run on the finer side in comparison to European ones. 

Body material: PMMA resin 
Nib type: Medium Fine
Nib material:
14k gold with rhodium trim
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Refill type: Takes Sailor cartridges only or a Sailor converter (included)
Pen Dimensions: Closed 12.3cm, posted 14.4cm, diameter 1.4cm
Included: Presentation box, bottle of matching Shirakashi ink and converter