The Minimalist's Sketching Set


We have hoped to combine here a happy medium between pencil love and an indulgence for precision, two traits we find often come hand-in-hand as a pair. One might even say a certain level of OCD is de rigueur amongst stationery lovers. Of course there is a certain underlying desire for order, to start things over neatly and without mistakes. 

For those with the sort of temperament we allude to above, and who aspire to a less-is-more lifestyle, we have put together this minimal but essentialist gift set - sort of love child of Henri Thoreau and Norman Foster. A crisp assortment perfect for diagrams and architectural drawing. The 12 pencil set includes 1 pencil in every softness grade between a hard H and a very soft B for a full range of uses, textures and colour. Use the 4 step sharpener to create the point you desire, often this will be a long tapered point as though fresh from the factory. Finally enjoy the very soft and lightly structured 25% cotton drawing and writing paper (also takes ink and fountain pen) bound in a hardback squarish book, covered in soft Japanese washi paper for a satisfying tactile feel, qualitative and smart appearance. Don't forget a highly performant and acclaimed black Japanese eraser, some say it's the best on the market. 

This set includes:

- a hardback sketchbook
- a precision aluminium sharpener
- a fancy black, high performance Japanese eraser
- a 12 grade graph drawing pencil set

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.
Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.

´╗┐Please note that the┬ápencil set will be replaced with a box of 12 Kitaboshi pencils when out of stock.