"The Pencil: A History" Book


The seminal and original reference canon on Pencil history, albeit from a mildly American-only perspective which we can forgive. Thank you to the author for this extremely enjoyable read which is not only an enlightening narrative on the development of the humble pencil, but also the story of eccentric inventors and mad-engineers in a gold rush of business enterprise in the early days of the American industrial revolution. Indeed this book is not solely a pencil-nerd novelty item - but an extremely palatable and intriguing unique piece of research. An authority on pencil facts, providing answers many-a-pencil-query: were victorian pencils rounded or hexagonal ? what is the meaning of the HB grading scale? what are the origins of the lead to graphite misnomer? 

This book will answer all these pencil facts for you, and prove once again the powerhouse of knowledge that is Stationery. 

A great element to include as part of a pencil themed gift. Consider adding the pencil collectors set for a nice cohesive package.