The School Learn-how-to-write Set, ages 6-12


This set has been put together for children age 6 to 12 for the purpose of learning how to write. It includes a beginner fountain pen from design pen powerhouse Lamy. This range, first designed in 1987 under the supervision of experienced teachers was designed with a rubber grip for comfort on fingers and bevelled front section to facilitate finger placement on the barrel. The body, made of maple, and its Piet Mondrian primary colour details are beautifully lego-like. 

This charming pen is accompanied by a Japanese "English" notebook, containing extra smooth fountain pen friendly paper with cursive 4 tiered ruling, not unlike the French Seyes ruling type, which can help improve letterform, with a line for ascender and descender letter strokes. 

Good for the start of school, good needing a bit of motivation and gentle nudge ...

This set includes:

- An red maple wood fountain pen
- a pack of standard school-blue washable Lamy ink cartridges (more colours here)
- a "English" notebook with 4 tiered cursive writing ruling (also great for script form)

Lefty nibs are available and if needed please leave a note in the checkout notes to let us know.
Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.