Vinyl Electrician's Tape


Vinyl Tape was developed and patented in the 1940's by the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, a company much better known by the name of 3M, maker of iconic Scotch Tape. WW2 had indeed considerably depleted rubber supplies and replacement material was needed. 

PVC Vinyl tape came about thanks to the advancements in plastics during that same decade, as witnessed in the "stationery field" in the invention of other plastic-based products such as plastic erasers, plastic disposable ballpoint pens and PVA glues. Because of its insulating properties this type of tape is still used today to insulate electrical wire or other materials that conduct electricity.

Here on offer is a high quality Japanese made domestic brand, available in 14 bright colours (purple exists, but not illustrated in the adjoining image).

This tape can be cut by hand or scissors and can be removed cleanly from hard non porous surfaces such as glass without leaving any gunk behind. Outside of the electrical field it is indeed very useful and versatile for repairing objects, colour coding and other craft uses.

Dimensions: 19 mm (wide) × 10 m (long)
Thickness: 0.2 mm
Resistant to water, oils and acids. 
Colour non-fading

Can be written on using ballpoint and permanent pens.