Watercolour Travel Paintbrush, Extra Large tip


Sold separately, we are pleased to offer two types of travel watercolour brushes perfect for painting and easy storage on-the-go. When open, each paintbrush is a good length sufficient for comfortable grip, and when closed, cleverly and neatly folding onto itself in a cartridge like design, safely storing the tip away when not is use.

While historically the highest quality of bristle would have been from natural origin, using either Blue Squirrel or Marten hair, increasing availability issues arising from both ethical and environmental concerns over the sourcing of these materials, means many premium brushes are now made from synthetic alternatives. This is the case here where imitation bristles are used, and seek to replicate the same water holding performance, extremely soft and flexible, allowing for different sized strokes and retaining a very good point for detail work.

Both paintbrushes feature an extra large brush tip, for generous strokes, well adapted both in landscape and botanical subjects.

Proudly made in France, these brushes are made by hand, specially for Choosing Keeping by a historical factory, manufacturing brushes since the 18th century, and listed by the French government as a company of national cultural significance.

Important ! Please note that each brush is sold separately

Chrome casing paintbrush: open 18.5cm, closed 10cm
Brass casing paintbrush: open 16.5cm, closed 10.5cm