Italian Woodblock Paper Sheet, Sicily


These Italian xilografie papers follow a long history of wood-block printing, a technique which first reached Europe in the 14th century. Indeed, Italy has a rich paper history of its own, which is perhaps best exemplified by the output of the Remondini family who were prolific in their production of inexpensively printed decorative papers - examples here pictured from the Remondini museum in Bassano del Grappa.

These contemporarily made paper sheets are carrying the torch for handprinted papers still produced in Italy today. The designs were first conceived in the 1930's and each one is directly representative of a particular Italian region - here presented: Sicily.  Each motif is inspired by folk art, the patterns having been carefully developed from those found in various sources such as ceramics, carpets and engravings. 

To create the print, the pattern is carved in relief into the wooden block, leaving the raised surfaces to be inked and stamped. Each colour requires a new block - it is easy to imagine the precision of eye and steady hand needed to ensure each pattern is matched perfectly.

We at Choosing Keeping are pleased to add these papers to our ever-growing paper archive, chosen for their authentic appeal and careful craftsmanship. They can be used for all paper crafts and bookbinding, or to wrap a very special gift. 

Print type: Woodblock
Dimensions: 50 x 70cm