The Masterpiece Two Stage Handheld Sharpener


At first glance this sharpener does not look like the masterpiece it claims to be, however if it is a truly needle thin point you are seeking you must look no further. Handmade in Germany, this sharpening tool is designed for two stage sharpening: First only the wood is shaved away, ready for the next stage wherein the second hole is used to sharpen the exposed stick of lead into the finest of points. 

Ideal for extreme precision and detail work, this tool is also built to last. The body is made of lightweight magnesium and the blades from high carbon steel, which undergo further treatments and coatings for maximum performance. Not only sharper than most of your regular kitchen knives, the blades will last far longer than those in your typical handheld sharpeners. However if you do find yourself sharpening so much that you dull them, The Masterpiece comes with two spares in the plastic casing for maximum longevity with first purchase. 

Material: Magnesium and carbon steel
Pencil Diameter: Up to 11mm

Made in Germany