Black Caran D'Ache Fixpencil 2mm Clutch Pencil


In 1929 Carl Schmid, a swiss engineer patented the world’s first clamp-jaw or “clutch” lead holder pencil (US patent granted March 8th 1932 here pictured). Though this type of mechanism could be traced back further historically, Schmid’s contribution was of a more significative nature finally offering a draftman’s tool both precise and strong. 

Caran d’Ache went ahead that same year to manufacture Schmid’s invention and named it  quite simply the Fixpencil or in french Ecrifix

The model offered here has remained greatly unchanged both mechanically and aesthetically. These are manufactured in Thonex nearby Geneva. Invented by a Swiss engineer, developed by a Swiss pencil company and manufactured in a Swiss town - the Fixpencil is truly “Swiss-Made” - so much so that in 2005 the Swiss postal service dedicated a postal stamp to the Fixpencil as Swiss ‘Design-Klassiker'.

Lead size: 2mm
Length: 130mm
Aluminium and stainless steel, matt black finish with sandbalsted front grip
Removable hexagonal grip clip
Sharpener is incorporated in the push button, colour may vary (blue, green, yellow, red or black)

Sold with one 2mm HB lead

The longer 160mm version sold previously at Choosing Keeping is now sadly no longer in production, we are now replacing this with the standard length version 130mm (original size in 1929).