Silver Choosing Keeping Scissor


These paper scissor's design can be traced back to the 1950s when flat handled scissors were first made. To insure blades remain sharp any heavy duty use such as opening packaging should be avoided. 

Our Italian scissors are all forged in the small mountain town of Premana, a thousand meters above sea level in the Lombard Alps. To the untrained eye it looks like any other quaint mountain town, complete with winding cobbled pathways and old stone houses, but don’t be fooled! Premana is the heart of the Italian scissor industry and an excellent example of how the environment informs industry; the surrounding mountains are rich with iron from which the first cutting utensils of Premana were forged three centuries ago.

Today the scissors are made from steel and are no longer finished completely by hand; the factory workers are assisted by modern advancements in technology and machinery to complete the numerous processes that are involved in finishing the blades, from sharpening to polishing. Despite this modernisation the production of our Italian scissors relies on historical designs and many have been made for generations. 

Premana takes great pride in its scissors and the entire town is fuelled by their production - indeed there are around fifty unique family owned and run companies operating out of Premana and each one has its niche. There is even a small scissor factory that pays homage to the history of the cutting utensils; we were lucky enough to visit in 2019 and you can read our full article and see images from our trip here.

Size: 19 cm
Nickel plated metal
Made in Italy