Black Wooden Barrel 2mm jotting & sketching mechanical pencil


How about it? This "faux" pencil is masquerading as a wooden pencil when in fact it is a 2mm automatic pencil!

Ohto, a leader in the manufacturing of pens in Japan, took the idea from one of its own original products the "Nakata Pen" which was the first ballpoint ever produced in Japan in 1949 (here pictured). It was itself a copy of Reynolds ballpoint pens introduced in postwar Japan by way of American G.I's - the only difference being that the barrel was made of wood instead plastic, expensive and complicated to manufacture.

Those days of design by necessity are long gone and this fascinating piece of industrial history is little more than novelty now. 

Takes 2mm leads, available in colour or graphite from Choosing Keeping 
Dimensions: 138mm long x Ø 10.2mm