Boissier Soft Caramels


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Expect refinement and latest candy-fashions from Maison Boissier, a Parisian "confiseur" and chocolatier founded in 1827 by Bélisaire Boissier. The company still uses its original art-nouveau packaging designs for maximum Christmas charm oozing tradition and nostalgia for which it stands. 

This oblong very festive box contains 6 delicious soft caramel - vanilla, chocolate and raspberry - not unlike a flavoured fudge, but with French flair!

Definitely outside of the field of stationery perse, but as Choosing Keeping searches high and low to offer the most extraordinary stocking fillers, Chocolates and sweets are de rigeur in our arsenal of goodies. 

Each Box contains 110g of soft caramels (Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry) in  beautiful hard box with Art nouveau decor.