Choosing Keeping Christmas Advent Calendar


It seems to be that Advent Calendars are the ultimate Christmas limited edition item brands seek to put out for the season - sometimes with a tasteless veneer of consumerism. We felt - we can do better - a celebration of stocking fillers, sourced far and wide for maximum delight, surprise and joy and presented with a flair for pattern and period reference.  

24 miniature gifts have been  meticulously chosen from Choosing Keeping's own personal rolodex of wonderful things, selected for their quality, usability at Christmas, origin and delicious packaging. 

Entirely handmade, fashioned using decorative Italian papers, antiqued brass handles and pretty ribbons and labels, this advent Calendar can be kept to use from year to year or transformed all-year into a Desk Tidy to put away small knick knacks otherwise cluttering your office. 

NB: Orders including this item are guaranteed to be delivered by Dec 1st, but may take a few days to process. 

Contains 24 individual gifts, including perishables such as chocolates which may allergens such nuts and milk. If you would prefer an advent calendar with only dry goods please let us know by emailing with your order number. 
External Size: 51 x 36.5 x 13.5 cm
Each Drawer individually measuring: 8 x 8 x 12 cm
Material: Italian paper, card and brass handles

Avoid using the top as a surface for heavy items - this item is sturdy and made of hefty card, but cannot sustain very heavy items.

Please note; This advent Calendar is sold as a whole finished item and cannot be returned or exchanged after Dec 1st, including individual prizes. This item cannot be returned or exchanged if any of the internal wrapping has been open