Demonstrator Clear Pilot Prera Fountain Pen


A new addition to our assortment, presenting here a very functional, lightweight everyday writer. Made in Japan, this pen is manufactured by Pilot, a veteran and leader in fountain making, thus a high quality and very well finished writing instrument in a which acrylic qualitative body. We particularly favoured this range as a good pairing for anyone who enjoys coloured inks - the transparent body is a helpful design choice and you can both admire the colour but also keep track on the ink level. For those who like a sense of danger, unofficially one could contemplate making away with the converter and loading the ink loose into the barrel (without liability!:-)) 

Nib wise, this pen is offered in fine, medium and CM, the latter, a narrow italic suitable for more decorative and calligraphic effect. The feeling is very smooth, but with a firm and sharp finish - great for detail and edge sensation, not unlike a good pair carving skis. 

Body material: Clear Acrylic 
Nib size: Available in Fine, Medium and Italic (CM)
Nib material: Steel
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap 
Cartridge type: Pilot cartridges or converter cartridge (included)
Dimensions: closed 12cm, open 10.8cm, posted 13.4cm
Included: Converter cartridge 

Made in Japan

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