Hardback "Composition Ledger" Mocha Notebook, Blue


Discover Choosing Keeping's latest rendition of our in-house composition hardbacks and their signature sponge edging.

On this occasion, our usual mad patterns have made way to a more delicate collection of Japanese washi covered notebooks. Both covers and end papers have been mixed at random layering the tonal subtlety of these papers. Some papers include delicate speckles of gold and silver, others are highly textured like crumpled fabric, and some have long strays of white fibres, like the end of clouds unravelling. A embossed gold swallow comes to adorn the spine, a small companion and gentle nod to our shop mascott.

Enjoy this well constructed hardback notebook, complete with its signature edge marbling.

Important ! Each notebook represented is an absolute unique piece, inside and out, please order this notebook in the knowledge that you will receive a version at random, one which may not be shown in the picture above. You will not be prompted for a choice of colour, all notebooks are sent at random. 

Size:  17 x 23cm
Page Count: 90 - 100
Page Type: Ruled and plain
Paper Weight: 90gsm

Cover: Hardback
Fountain Pen Friendly: Yes

Available either ruled or plain; please choose from the dropdown above.

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