Marie's Drawing Charcoal Pencils


For your consideration, Choosing Keeping here offers Marie's Charcoal Pencils. It's nice to have these in wooden casing to keep your hands as clean as possible given the messy materials. No graphite, however soft, can compete with the depth of blackness achieved from charcoal - Possibly the oldest of all art materials, as found in cave paintings 30,000 years ago it was also used from the Renaissance onwards for its impermanence, as a medium for preliminary sketches. Some artists such as Albrecht Durer begin to consider charcoal for finished work with very stark and poignant effect.

These pencils are made in Shanghai by Marie's, the infamous Chinese art supplier, making since 1919. They are offered in three different grades : Soft for the darkest and most crumbly texture, neutral for a more balanced effect and hard for ease of use and more precision. 

Consider buying a kneaded putty eraser too for creating highlights when lifting. And also these pencil caps for protecting the soft points. Finally these pencils can be sharpened using this great desktop sharpener to a long tapered point.

Once finished works using charcoal should be fixed using a spray fixatif in the same manner than pastel work would be so as to not rub off. 

! Please note these pencils are sold as singles, choose quantity and preferred grading from the dropdown menu.