Namiki Emperor Vermillion Fountain Pen, Fine Medium


The Namiki Emperor Vermillion fountain pen brings the "No. 50 Jumbo" pen of the early 1930's to the present day, with its impressive size, unmistakable design and luxury feel.

Perfect for those who enjoy using larger writing tools, the Namiki is one of the largest fountain pens available today. Its generous size give it a presence on any desk despite its simplistic design. The Namiki's hard ebonite body is covered in a luxurious smooth red Urushi lacquer, using a traditional technique knows as Roiro Urushi Siage on the final layer to create the pens irresistible finish.

The large body of the Namiki Emperor holds a substantial amount of ink within its eyedropper system, meaning writing doesn't have to stop to keep refilling the pen or replacing the cartridge. When not in use the ink shut off system securely holds ink inside with no worry of leaking.

The 18k gold Fine Medium nib is decorated with an engraving of Mt. Fuji alongside the Namiki quality logo. This soft nib delivers a top quality writing experience matching design with functionality.

The Namiki Emperor is presented in a softwood display box along with an eyedropper and a bottle of ink so you can begin using your new pen immediately.


Body Material:ย Ebonite with Urushi lacquer coating
Nib Size:ย Fine Medium
Nib Material:ย 18k gold
Cap type:ย Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type:ย Eyedropper ink system
Dimensions: Closed 17.2cm, diameter 1.7cm
Included: Soft wood presentation box with eyedropper and bottled ink

ย Made in Japan

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