Set of 6 Christmas Cherub Postcards


6 infamous depictions of Cherubs by Raphael embellished with gold embossed detail for joyful end of year set of postcards which an be used with versatility, as greetings, gift enclosure cards or the old fashioned way with a simple stamp to go in the postbox to friend.

Referenced in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, one could say Cherubs are a good choice for an end-of-year joyful symbol which isn'tย overtly grounded in Christmas celebrations - yet conveys universal good feelings of joy, beauty and love. In the context of art history, as handled by the Renaissance masters, and known thus as Putti, or putto for plural, such cherubs are in fact not directly linked to any particular religious narrative, but rather used as an ornamental and decorative accessory to a larger scene.ย 

6 Postcards with gold embossed detail
If you want envelopes to fit these, please go here for C6 white envelopes which fit.