Buttermilk Metal 4 Colour Ballpoint Pen


Unapologetically, this pen is pure nostalgia - a flashback from schooldays in the 1970s, especially in continental Europe. Choosing Keeping has worked hard to bring these back from the past and we hope you will too enjoy the magic of rediscovering something that had otherwise disappeared. 

Cleverly, one can switch between 4 colours (red, green, black and blue) by pushing the switch for the corresponding colour down. To change to another colour, simply pull down another "switch". Want all of the ballpoint pens to recede inside the barrel? Pull any "switch" halfway. 

Available in black, blue, cornflower, mint, mauvearmy green, burgundy, tomato red, yellow, silver, and gold. 

Body material: Metal
Ink colour: Black, blue, red, and green

Single use (not refillable). 

Sold as single; quantity is for one pen.