Noodler's American Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 85ml


All the way from across the pond, we are pleased to offer the eccentric ink range Noodler's. The name comes from a Southern tradition of catching catfish barehanded, in the brand's own words "a sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play". Each bottle, full to the brim (be careful when opening), adorned with amusing and often politically engaged references, offers economical and quality fountain pen ink with much consideration given to performance. For the James Bond of stationery or anyone with a penchant for forgery or other libertarian security concerns, these inks boast a full panel of tricks and gadgets - whether archival, permanent, quick dry, imperviousness to lasers, alcohol and solvents, glow-in-the-dark, freeze-proof, or a combination of all! Please check for each ink's specific properties in the below colour notes.

Thanks to the careful classification relating to UV resistance, artists can also consider these inks for permanent works of art, both in fountain pen and dip pens. 

Quantity: 85ml
Fountain pen friendly: Yes
Each bottle is filled to the very top, so please be careful when opening.

Colour Guide
American Aristocracy
As much a novelty product - great for a gift - as it is a humble bottle of ink, where the ink maker has played around with colour and politics in a niche historical reference to the purchase of "19,000 bottles of wine by Henry Gage (3rd Viscount Gage) son of Thomas Gage (Royal Military Governor of Massachusetts) including the most popular at the time among the aristocrats: red port, dark sherry, and Madeira used to pry influence and connections from fellow aristocrats". Each bottle is an unknown variation on a burgundy shade, delivered at random.
! Attention: We cannot accommodate any special request regarding which shade of ink you will receive; these are sent at random.

Bad Green Gator
Highly technical ink - so called "combination lock ink" whereby each bottle is produced with a set ageing and variable component, meaning each bottle has a unique chemical fingerprint to combat forgery. Security and chemical analysis considerations aside, this is a beautifully blue shade of dark green, also great for drawing as is both lightfast and waterproof. 
UV and bleach resistant, archive and fade resistant, impervious to to lasers, alcohols and solvents, waterproof.

Baltimore Canyon Blue
Ocean blue - vibrant and bright for great shading properties. 

Red-toned brown shade not dissimilar to our British ink in Oxblood, but darker. 

Black Swan in English Roses
Two-toned shading ink, alluding to the ink's name, a black element mixing with a beautiful red plum maroon. 
UV and bleach resistant, impervious to to lasers, alcohols and solvents, partially waterproof.

Blue Ghost
For anyone experiencing the nostalgia of 1980s locked diaries, clandestine penpals, or if you're acting as a secret agent - use this invisible ink. Only visible under UV and black light for all your confidentiality needs. 
UV and bleach resistant, impervious to to lasers, alcohols and solvents, waterproof, glows under UV light.

Brevity Blue-Black (formerly Q'Ternity)
Designed with left-handed users in mind for extra-fast drying capability! In addition, this blue-black ink has a gorgeous teal shade and is still exciting for everyday use. 

Borealis Black
Fast dry and intense dark black. Performs best on fountain pen friendly papers. 

A rich saturated shade of wine for a sophisticated and sensual tone.

Georgia Peach
An incredibly soft and translucent peachy pink tone - perfect as a highlighter or for anyone looking for an unusual bright colour.
Glows under UV light.

Golden Brown
Top shading ink with a lot of colour variation from yellow to rich golden - especially suited for drawing for a lively and interesting effect.

Partially UV and bleach resistant, impervious to to lasers, alcohols and solvents, partially waterproof.

Somewhere between orange and red, for a spicy burnt orange tonality with great shading.

House Divided  
Another humorous political novelty ink - referencing Abraham Lincoln's infamous  June 16th, 1858 speech: "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Democrats and Republicans both contributing to this everchanging and hard to pin down colour - mixing red and blue in what can be described as a muddy pink or plum shade.
UV and bleach resistant, archive and fade resistant, impervious to to lasers, alcohols and solvents, partially waterproof, glows under UV light. Performs better on high grade fountain pen friendly paper. 

Qin Shi Huan
Named after the first emperor of China, this colour references the terracotta warriors and sits somewhere between red and pink, with the particularity that it glows under UV light! Performs better on high quality fountain pen friendly paper - not recommended for use with clear demonstrator pens as colour can leave residue. 
Glows under UV light. 

True to its name, this variation on black sits somewhere between grey, brown and purple, like the falling sky - a difficult colour to place for a sophisticated and subtle result. 

Tokyo Gift 
A soft red, inspired by Japan's cherry blossom season, and therefore leaning into a shade of bright pink.