John Derian Sticker Book


From our favourite New York designer extraordinaire, this amazingly conceived book of stickers spanning all of John Derian's collection of ephemera and victorian illustrations galore.ย In his own words:ย 

"The images in this sticker book are from my ever-growing personal archive. I would say roughly 80 percent of them were found without any identifying details about the artist or source, but almost all the images here are prints that came from various eighteenth-and nineteenth-century natural history books. In 2016 I published a collection of these images in my first book, John Derian Picture Book. This book is a revised version of the original, but now hundreds of the images have been turned into stickers, which you will find on every other spread.ย 

I hope you have fun with the all the stickers I have created - and all the colourful pages to sticker in between.ย 

Enjoy, John Derian"


Dimensions: 6.5" x 8.25" x 1.5
pages: 320 Pages
contains: Over 500 stickers
Hardback cover

JOHN DERIAN STICKER BOOK by John Derian from Nร˜RTH SEA AIR on Vimeo.