Spun Cotton Santa Christmas Ornament


These Spun Cotton Dolls are faithful replicas of ornaments from a bygone era - originating in 19th and early 20th century Germany. These were made by hand with cotton wadding around wire shapes and adorned with Dresden scrap embossed papers and other hand fashioned props, often featuring mushrooms Gluckspilz, a little trinket for luck. The porcelain faces used, are original antique doll parts which are extraordinarily secured some 100 years after they were disposed of as second quality or faulty by the doll makers of the past in the local village woods somewhere in Eastern Germany. Today in one of the strangest weekend hobbies, these are dug up like treasure by locals, or porcelain-foragers as we like to think of them, for your enjoyment. Surely the fact that each face has been buried in dirt for decades, destined to be forgotten, and brought back to life, given a new body and clothes, adds to their very eery, sometimes outright frightening demeanour and cooky form. 


MaterialSpun cotton with ceramic face
Dimensions: tbc