Luxury Black Leather Sottomani Desk Pad


The advent of the computer has relegated desk pads and other executive desk accessories to the attic. It is nevertheless a beautiful thing and carves out a tidy dedicated workspace to comfortably write at your desk. This Sottomani, designed in house by Choosing Keeping, brings together luxury Italian leatherwork with historical hand decorated paste paper (technique inherited from continental Europe circa 1800s) in a celebration of craftsmanship. 

10 years of training - if you're good - are required to master the leather thinning and moulding techniques involved in the production of this object. The result is a highly polished, lacquer-like surface which with age and use will develop a unique patina - a physical record of the many hours spent at your desk working, writing, thinking... 

It is certainly one of the most fabulous pieces of craftsmanship we have had the pleasure of commissioning, made by but one of a handful of remaining artisans working in this trade and to this quality. 

The sottomani is comprised of two pieces of leatherwork folding into each other. When writing turn the top over, decorated paper facing outwards, for a soft underlay to your writing surface.

Size: 58 x 41 cm
Materials: Calf leather and paste paper

Each piece is one of a kind and because of the delicate nature of the leather, this product cannot be returned if it has been handled. To purchase or for more information, please email