Cards & Envelopes, White Flower


While not particularly remarkable in form - we have found that quality card and envelope plain stock is in fact something quite hard to obtain if indeed you are after something a bit more unusual and upmarket than what can be found at Ryman's. In an effort to supply useful and functional basics, as much as decorative items, here on offer is a great card and envelope combination for all printing, invites and weddings requirements. 

This particular paper type is delicately textured, finely embossed with a modern flower patterns, so dainty it is still practicable but adding a level of interest to any correspondence. In pure white finish it makes for a very contemporary and fresh  finish. Particularly well suited for wedding invites or other bridal purposes - or any other printing purpose where the paper can express refinement and sophistication

Envelopes and cards are offered separately in packs of 10 and 20 respectively. Please choose from the dropdown below as appropriate. 

Dimensions: envelope: 12 x 17.6cm; card: 14.8 x 10cm
Paper weight: card: 203.4 gsm; envelope: 116.2 gsm
Paper colour: Brilliant white with fine flower embossed texture (only on one side for the card)

Cards and Envelopes are sold separately. Cards are sold in packs of 20 - Envelopes in packs of 10.