Irojiten Pencils, 30 Coloured Pencils, Part 1 - Rainforest


This is the first of a three part colour pencil set from Japan, entitled "Irojten” which roughly translates as “Colour Encyclopaedia” or “Colour dictionary”. Each set, containing 30 pencils, has been thoughtfully designed to contain the necessary palette of colours to capture the essence of a landscape. Part 1, containing volumes Pale Tone I, Vivid Tone I and Deep Tone I represent the colours of the rainforest.

Together with Parts 2 and 3, altogether 90 pencils, one should have all the subtle colours of the natural world.

These artist quality pencils are manufactured by expert Japanese pencil maker Tombow, using high quality pigments and wood. They sharpen beautifully and are low in wax content, for maximum colour and a creamy feel.

Colours: Pale Tone I, Vivid Tone I, and Deep Tone I volumes
Included: 30 coloured pencils presented in 3 book-shaped boxes.

Also available are Part 2, Woodlands and Part 3, Seascape.