Japanese Sumi-e Watercolour Set, No. 1


Enjoy 6 shades of Gansai in your art practicethe Japanese alter-ego to European watercolours - also similar to gouaches. These high quality paints, made in Japan by a 100 year old paint maker, can be used directly out of the box with a wet paintbrush - either thinly in translucent washes, or by layering for a bolder effect. These can also be used on darker paper bases. 

Sumi-e, literally translating to 'black ink painting', is commonly used in Japanese calligraphy, Shodō. Traditionally this technique would use an Indian ink bar mixed with water to create varying shades of black, but is here transformed into an easy to use palette which holds a great range of tonality for soft or dramatic effect. 

Material: Gansai watercolour
Included: 6 colours in washi paper box
Vegetarian/ Vegan: No (contains gelatine glue binder)
Made in Japan

Also available are complementary colour sets in Metallic No. 1 and No. 2, IridescentFluorescent, Pearl, and Sumi-e, and a larger comprehensive 35 colour set.