"Woods" Pencil Set


Probably the most sought after amongst so called pencil bloggers and collectors, was a set created in 1996 by Colleen (a now defunct Japanese pencil maker) called Woods. This included 24 pencils made from exotic woods from across the globe. Beautiful and rare exotic woods such as Ceylon Ebony from Thailand, Madrone from North America, Japanese Cypress from Japan made for a varying light and dark pencil set. 

20 years later, and after 2 years of research and development, the original Japanese designer has re-released this amazing collection of pencils which are in their own right little sculptures of nature, or miniature pieces of joinery and desk furniture. 

The present day set includes 10 pencils made by craftsmen in Japan which feature the following woods: Indian rosewood, Japanese cypress, Japanese red birch, Thai teak, Brazilian mahogany, Japanese oak, Filipino narra wood, American walnut, Japanese zelkova and African paddock.

All pencils are graded HB and suitable for writing and drawing.
Limited edition of 300
10 pencils presented in a maple wood case and card sleeve. 
Set dimensions: 20 x 10 × 1.5 cm 
Pencil length: 174mm