Pink Sakura Celluloid Platinum #3776 Fountain Pen


Three companies dominate Japanese fountain pen making, all established in the 1910's and 1920’s, and all motivated by their common desire to develop a superior Japanese counterpart to their Western competitors such as Waterman and Parker. Ironically, the latter companies have lost their once top dog positions in the 'fountain pen world', while Sailor, Pilot and Platinum today represent the Holy Trinity of excellence in writing utensils. The main and defining reason for this accolade is the fact that all three companies supervise their production from beginning to end within their very own factories. No subcontracting ensures total quality control, and private ownership protects their original vision and enthusiasm for pen making. 

The #3776 is the original design first commercialised in 1978 in what came to be Platinum's most popular pen range. It was designed by Haruo Umeda - more accurately known by his eponymous nickname 'Mr Fountain Pen' for his raging enthusiasm and collecting. 

The specific model presented here is made from celluloid, one of the earliest thermoplastics which is becoming an extinct base material for pen making - regretfully as it has beautiful density, shine, weight and of course features the most vibrant and sometimes psychedelic patterns. Today it is used only in a handful of industries including luxury spectacle making. The production of celluloid in Japan has nearly now entirely stopped - making this model harder and harder to get hold of and made in very small quantities by Platinum.

When choosing the nib size, please bear in mind Japanese nibs run on the finer side - in comparison to European ones. This is the reason Choosing Keeping has decided to stock this particular pen in a broad only, which you will find is the closest to a true medium.

Body material: 
Hand-turned celluloid
Nib size: Broad
Nib material: 14k gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Platinum cartridges which can be found here; supplied with a converter cartridge.
Dimensions: closed 13.65cm, open 11.7cm
Included: presentation box and converter cartridge (in the barrel)

Made in Japan