Fountain Ink Bottle 50ml


Manufactured using high-quality and high-purity dyes, these inks demonstrate excellent brilliance, balance and depth of colour.

Suited perfectly for use with fountain pen, this ink can equally be used with steel nibbed pens, dip pens and many other calligraphy tools.  

The range includes two iron gall inks - Salix and Scabiosa. Based on traditional recipes, these have been optimised and adjusted for use with fountain pen. The iron gall inks, also known as being “indelible”, will deepen in colour with oxidisation over time and are permanent. As such they can be considered of archival quality. They are also less subject to bleeding and feathering with bad papers - generally they can be considered high-performing.

All colours can be mixed with each other to create individual nuances. 

Dimensions: 50 ml