Japanese Kyo-no-oto Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 40ml


Made in Kyoto, using natural pigments, these highly performant (no bleeding, no feathering) inks are suitable for fountain pen use.

We have adapted the impossible names given by the manufacturer to some more usable alternatives - but these colours have been chosen for their historical provenance, dating back to the middle ages. This period, known as Heian, is notable for the refinement of its court nobles, whose main life's purpose was the obtainment of beauty, taste, and sophistication. Aesthetic refinement extended to the field of colour, each symbolising a particular emotion, denoting a particular sense of place or person most notably found in classic literature such as The Tale of Genji and poetry. 

Like the Japanese court nobles, think about using colour in your writing as a way to express your feelings, to add a layer of meaning to your correspondence...

Quantity: 40ml
Permanent: No
Fountain pen friendly: Yes