Demonstrator Clear Pilot Heritage 92 Piston Refill Fountain Pen


One could argue that Pilot has been more focused of late on its mass produced and very successful frixion pens and all items in matter of high volume writing utensils, leaving its fine writing range uncared for. Here at CK we say - all for the better - "stuck in time" is our modus operandi! For all the neglect afforded to Pilot's fine writing design and marketing departments - quality and consistency of nib production has remained top notch, vindicating the existence today of each and every, dated or not, Pilot pen model in the catalog - Pilot pens are nothing if reliable and strong, don't go changing anything ! On the contrary, Pilot pens aren't sexy, at least not in an obvious way, but they exude a strong scent of 1980s executive salary man nostalgia - its a niche market, but for us the attraction is strong ! 

More specifically here on offer is a Demonstrator piston-fill Heritage 92 (the name given to clear transparent bodied pens), which is particularly well suited to lovers of inks as indeed you will be able to measure the level and admire all the beautiful colours right through the pen body. An additional benefit is that you are not tied into the cartridge system, an advantage both in ecological terms, making away with unwanted plastic, but also economically as bottled ink is much cheaper in comparison. Finally for those writing a lot, piston fill allows for double the amount of ink usually held in regular cartridges making this pen a great candidate for a doctor, student or any other profession where writing is done without restraint. 

Nib wise, we offer this writing implement in Fine and Medium and both are true to size and divine to write with in their own respective repertoire, thus we highly recommend Pilot pens to anyone unsure of purchasing a pen online, Pilot pens deliver on what is advertised. 

Body material: Resin
Nib size: Available in Fine and Medium
Nib material: 14k Gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap 
Cartridge type: Piston-fill (does not use cartridges or converters) 
Dimensions: closed 13.6cm, open 12.2cm, posted 15cm
Included: presentation box

Made in Japan

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