Red Koi Fish Celluloid Platinum 3776 Fountain Pen


A pen which combines both very good looks and high performance writing - for what could be the perfect writing companion. 

The model here presented is a Platinum 3776, first produced in 1978, the Japanese company's flagship model, with a Koi Fish pattern celluloid body.

Celluloid, one of the earliest thermoplastics, is becoming an extinct base material for pen making - regretfully as it has beautiful density, shine, weight and of course features the most vibrant and sometimes psychedelic patterns. Today it is used only in a handful of industries including luxury spectacle making. The production of celluloid in Japan has nearly now entirely stopped - making this model harder and harder to get hold of and made in very small quantities by Platinum. 

On the writing front - this pen features a 14k gold nib. Whereas nearly all pen makers worldwide subcontract their nibs to specialist factories, the Japanese - namely Pilot, Sailor and Platinum - produce theirs in house, making truly amazing nibs of great smoothness and weightless feel. Gold nibs are superior to steel ones; gold, being a softer and more malleable metal, will shape beautifully to one's personal hand(writing) to feel as though it was manufactured especially. It can be kept for life and possibly be amongst one's most treasured possessions. 

When choosing the nib size, please bear in mind Japanese nibs run on the finer side - in comparison to European ones. Fine is really extra fine indeed and medium closer to a fine than a broad… This is the reason Choosing Keeping has decided to stock this particular pen in a broad only, which you will find is the closest to a true medium.

Body material: 
Hand-turned celluloid
Nib size: Broad
Nib material: 14k gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Platinum cartridges which can be found here; supplied with a converter cartridge.
Dimensions: 13.65cm, open 11.7cm
Included: presentation box and converter cartridge (in the barrel)

Made in Japan