Silver Cross Hatch Guilloche Custom Pilot Fountain Pen


This pen straddles and sits somewhere between two of Pilot's classic designs, Custom and Elite, for a definite historical vintage appearance. In fact Pilot first designed a slick and futuristic Silver Elite cross hatch or lattice design in 1968 and again in 1975 the design was rehashed in a larger full sized body. This more rounded rendition was first released in 2004 and retains all the best bits of Pilot and preserves much of its historical predecessors - a hooded and oversized nib and classic Bond good looks from the Elite, with well balanced and generously weighted body and work horse functionality taken from the Custom design amounting to what we consider to be a 10/10. 

Today it is still extremely modern and would fit within a wide range of taste palettes because of these classic looks. It would also make a great set prop for any 1960s period film. 

Nib wise, Pilot never fails to impress for its consistency. This 18K gold nib is made in-house by Pilot, softer than steel and like a well-worn ring the gold nib will ease into the the shape of your handwriting. No scratchiness guaranteed, just pure smoothness. 

Other well thought out and highly enjoyable functionality is the snap-cap mechanism which eases into place like magnets on an expensive kitchen drawer, with a satisfying but not grating click. 

Nib wise, the nib sizes are true to size - order with confidence. 

Body material: Engraved attic design Sterling Silver Body
Nib size: Fine or Medium (choose from dropdown menu)
Nib material: 18k gold
Cap type: Slip cap, click shut mechanism
Cartridge type: Takes Pilot cartridges which can be found here; or can be used with a converter cartridge and used with bottled fountain pen ink (converter is supplied)
Dimensions: closed 14.2cm, capped 15.1cm - weight 37g.
Included: presentation box, one black ink cartridge, converter cartridge, polishing cloth. 

Made in Japan