Grey Rivoli Envelopes, various sizes


25% 120 gram cotton paper for either letter writing or for professional use. It is very simple and plain for a pure very modern look, featuring no watermark and no vertical or horizontal grain (this is a wove paper, not laid) - a very smooth equal texture.

It can be used with fountain pen, pencil and ink pens; and it can also be used with inkjet printers. 

Available in three colours: Pink, White and Grey.

Size Guide:
C6 envelope (fold A4 sheets twice, A5 once and will fit entire A6)
C5 envelope (fold A4 sheets once, will hold an entire unfolded A5 sheet / card)
C4 envelope (will hold an entire unfolded A4 paper sheet)

Packs of 100 envelopes also available, please inquire by email at

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