Italian Straw Paper Sketch Pad


The family owned Rigacci arts shop in Firenze have been making artist materials since 1925 developing their own products to serve the needs of artists.

This sketchpad consists of traditional Italian straw paper, made from natural straw pulp. Originally used for frying and serving food thanks to its high absorbency, it now has a vast range of uses from arts, to gift wrapping and more. the pulp's short fibres give a unique texture that holds on to dry materials well.

This toned paper will pair up excellently with traditional mediums such as graphite and pastels, allowing you to explore a full tonal range with your work.

Size: A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)
         A5 (21cm x 14.8cm)
Page Type: Plain
Paper Weight: 80gsm
Page Count: 50 sheets