Large Checkered Celluloid Pen Case


Considered to be the first thermoplastic (types of polymers which can be moulded with heat such as nylon or acrylic) but now obsolete, celluloid is not without qualities. It is wonderfully thin, translucent and feels much like expensive natural materials such as ivory and tortoise shell, which thankfully are now illegal. 

Another wonder of celluloid is its lovely mentholated smell due to the camphor which is among its ingredients.

Ping pong balls, guitar picks, photographic film, spectacle frames are all objects which traditionally have been made from celluloid.

The pen box here presented is handmade and has been in this exact fashion and place of manufacture since the 1920's.

In comparison to bakelite, which is hard, celluloid is fragile and delicate - we therefore recommend keeping this object on a desk rather than in the bottom of a bag.

Celluloid is flammable - please do keep away from heat as this may cause the object to warp. 

Celluloid - Nitrocellulose, camphor and vegetable oil
Black and white checkerboard  pattern
Dimensions: 21.6 x 6 x 3 cm