Japanese Custom Urushi 18K Fountain Pen


While top-end pens are usually garish and overloaded with detail - urushi is very much the understated and quiet luxury one can expect from Japanese minimalism.

Urushi lacquer, first used in Japan around 300BC, has traditionally been as a symbol for status and prosperity used in furniture and decorative objects by court nobles and the upper-classes to demonstrate their discerning taste. Japanese pen makers sought to apply this domestic specialty finish to fountain pens since the 1920s and it has remained a marker for quality ever since. Beyond its aesthetic merit, urushi lacquer acts as a protective casing because it is acid-free, alkaline-free, and resistant to both heat and water.  The process to layer the Urushi lacquer is time-consuming, and each pen crafted by named urushi artists can take up to 1 year to produce.

Let's not forget the 18k nib, available in Fine-Medium, true to size and divine to write with.  We highly recommend Pilot pens to anyone unsure of purchasing a pen online as Pilot pens deliver on what is advertised and do not hold many (bad) surprises. 

Body material: Urushi lacquer resin
Nib size: Fine-Medium
Nib material: 18k gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Pilot cartridges which can be found here and is sold with a refillable Con-70 converter in the barrel for use with bottled ink. Can also be used with a Con-40 converter, which can be found here.
Dimensions: 15cm closed, 13.6cm without the cap, 18cm posted (please use posted with care as this may leave a ring mark where regular contact is made)
Included: An attractive wooden presentation box, Con-70 converter and a black ink cartridge.